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Four Facts to Fuel Every Cycle of Your Laundry Routine

Throughout any given week, most people take care of chores like cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. Laundry is one of the most commonly hated chores to complete. It’s not uncommon for people to feel like laundry piles create themselves and grow overnight. Though this chore can feel never-ending, there are ways you can shift your perspective and learn to make laundry fun. Unless you plan to join a nudist colony in the future, consider the following facts to remember as you wash away the woes and enjoy your laundry process at home.

1. Laundry Songs

Fact: There’s a Spotify playlist that features 43 songs that mention the word ‘laundry’.

When it’s time to exercise, one of the reasons people listen to upbeat music is because it helps them get into the right headspace to perform better. It also helps them complete the workout. If you combine pleasurable tunes with an arduous chore, it’s much easier to pass the time. Whether you listen to the Spotify-curated playlist or curate one of your own, put on some wireless headphones and get lost in the music as you sort those piles with ease.

2. Overall Time Spent

Fact: The average person spends eight hours a month on chores related to laundry.

There are plenty of ways you can shorten the time you spend doing laundry each week. Set the timer on your phone for 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, solely focus on that specific laundry task. When the timer goes up, pay attention to how much you accomplished. When you’re folding laundry and watching a movie, you’ll naturally spend more time because your eyes are elsewhere. By using great tunes, headphones and a timer, you’ll potentially finish faster.

3. Laundry Machines

Fact: James King invented the first washing machine in 1851.

While the first machine wasn’t created in 1851, it wasn’t until the late 1940s that household washing machines became more common. While it would be nice if your laundry machines could sort, fold and put the clothes away for you, there was a time when people wished they had efficient machines that could wash and dry their clothing in less than two hours. To make laundry day more enjoyable, intentionally express gratitude for the invention of machines that make laundry more convenient and efficient. You don’t have to wash anything by hand or hang it on a clothesline in the sun if you don’t want to.

4. Customized Aromas

Fact: In medieval Europe, Romans used urine to clean their clothes because of its ammonia content.

It’s always nice when someone compliments you on the way you smell. In addition to purchasing perfumes, body washes and lotions to layer a specific fragrance for the day, you can add to the olfactory experience by purchasing scented laundry detergents. You might opt to make your own detergents with natural ingredients like citrus juices and essential oils. However, you won’t need to include urine to effectively clean your clothes.

As you approach laundry with a renewed perspective, pay attention to the efficiency of your appliances. If you are a resident of Olathe, KS and need to schedule washing machine or dryer services, call Hotshot Appliance, Heating & Cooling today.