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Your kitchen appliances, like the stove and the oven, make your daily routines manageable. It’s difficult to cook without access to a functioning stove or oven, and when you have a range, these appliances are inextricably linked. If one is broken, the other may also be unusable. We recommend calling Hotshot Appliance, Heating & Cooling as quickly as possible if you suspect there is something wrong with your cooking appliances. We offer reliable stove and oven repair in Olathe and the surrounding areas of the Kansas City metro area.

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How Long Do Ranges Last?

Ranges are combination ovens with a cooktop on top. They are convenient and often installed in apartments, condos, or townhouses to conserve space.

Most ranges last between 13 and 15 years before they need to be replaced. Gas appliances tend to last slightly longer than electric ones. This is also true of separate stoves and ovens that are built into the wall or simply installed in different locations.

If your stove or oven was installed within the last 15 years, we do recommend you pursue repairs before turning to a full replacement. The technicians at Hotshot Appliance are also happy to advise on what to do if you’re not sure whether you should repair or replace your stove or oven.

What To Do When Your Stove Or Oven Stops Working

If your stove or oven stops working, call an appliance repair professional to handle your needs. Hotshot Appliance, Heating & Cooling is available to help with stove and oven repair in Olathe, KS when you call us at 913-361-5295.

If you suspect something is wrong with your cooking appliances, do not continue to use them. Plus, if your stove is gas-powered and you smell rotten eggs, this could be a sign of a gas leak. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and may prove fatal to humans if left unchecked. Do not try to fix a gas leak by yourself.

Why You Need A Professional For Stove & Oven Repair

A professional appliance repair technician will have the training and skills necessary to handle appliances like stoves and ovens. These are first and foremost heating appliances, and sometimes repairs involve inspecting heating mechanisms, electrical wiring, or gas hookups, all of which are dangerous for an amateur to fiddle with.

We do not recommend taking the DIY approach to oven and stove repairs in Olathe, even if you are pretty handy around your home or the issue seems small. Even changing the lightbulb inside your oven may result in a massive mess if you don’t replace it with the proper oven-safe substitute.

If you notice something going wrong with your oven or stove – for example, if they stay on even when you turn them off or they don’t turn on at all – call the experts at Hotshot Appliance, Heating & Cooling immediately. We will simplify the repair process for you and relieve you of the burden of fixing your broken kitchen appliances.