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How High-Efficiency Washing Machines Offer Cost Savings

While traditional washing machines have been a staple in many households since their inception, high-efficiency models are gaining traction due to the savings they offer. Consider some ways high-efficiency washers can help you enjoy significant cost savings.

Energy Savings

As the cost of living continues to rise, the same is also true for the cost of energy. The cost of energy rose 10.7% in 2022 and is expected to increase even further. Considering this, energy-efficient appliances are in higher demand, and this includes clothes washers.

High-efficiency washers, especially those that carry the Energy Star label, offer significant savings on utility bills. You can expect a high-efficiency model to use about 20% less energy than a traditional washer.

Water Conservation

Water is another utility that is on the rise. According to Bluefield Research, the average monthly bill for water and sewage in 2022 was $118, and costs are expected to go higher. Homeowners are in search of strategies to facilitate water conservation, and this includes swapping out appliances for those that are built with water conservation technology.

Traditional washing machines use far more water than their high-efficiency counterparts. This is since their wash cycles are longer, and they do not contain the technology designed to conserve water. Additionally, these models often require that the entire drum be filled with water to adequately perform their jobs.

Washing machines that are Energy Star certified use 30% less water compared to their traditional counterparts. Their wash cycles are shorter, and they contain technology designed to conserve water and wash clothes thoroughly. Also, they don’t require the entire drum to be filled with water to get clothes clean, as they contain sensors that allow them to precisely determine how much water is needed.

Preserves the Lifespan of Clothing

High-efficiency washers are designed to treat clothing more gently. Instead of agitators, they use a tumbling motion to wash clothing, especially if they’re front-loading models. Agitators are tough on clothing and contribute to wear and tear, which will force you to replace your clothing sooner. High-efficiency washers can dramatically cut clothing replacement costs.

With their reduced energy and water consumption, Energy Star says the washers it certifies can save the owner about $550 over the life of the appliance. As more people discover the cost-saving benefits of high-efficiency washing machines, they will grow in popularity.

If you are still using a traditional washing machine, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency model to enjoy some major cost savings. If you are unsure about which model to purchase, we’ll be happy to provide some guidance.

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