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Dishwasher problems

Dishwasher Isn’t Working Right? Here’s What You Should Do

Problems with the dishwasher usually mean one of three things. It’s not cleaning properly, there’s a leak, or it’s making funny noises. Fortunately, many problems are easy to repair. So, before you call the plumber, try three tricks to fix the dishwasher yourself.

Clean It

The purpose of the dishwasher is simple: to clean your dishes. This means the basics of the dishwasher are to spray hot water and detergent to clean the dishes before using a heating element to dry them. Thinking about it this way narrows down the potential cause of the problem.

If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning well, you may simply need to clean it. You can try running a cleaning cycle, but before you do, clean the individual parts of the dishwasher yourself. Focus on a few parts first:

  • Spray Arms – The dishwasher uses spray arms to spread water and detergent. Sometimes, they get clogged up. Wipe them off with vinegar and a damp towel. Be sure to wipe off the ends where the water and detergent come out to remove anything that might be stuck.
  • Filter – The filter is located below the bottom spray arm. Filters get food bits stuck in them and, therefore, need to be cleaned out regularly. You’ll probably need to unlock it to clean it out. Once you’re done, lock it back in place before running the dishwasher again. If you notice the dishwasher smells, there’s a good chance it’s the filter.
  • Gasket – The gasket is located along the door or around the tub. It’s another place where food gets stuck. If it gets loose, water can leak through. Clean it with a soft toothbrush and mild dish soap to remove food and grime. Then wipe it dry to prevent mold.

Make Sure the Gasket Isn’t Damaged

There’s high water pressure in the dishwasher when it’s running. All that water needs to be contained with a tight seal to prevent leaks. Unsurprisingly, one main culprit of leaks is a faulty gasket. Therefore, check to ensure that the gasket is tightly sealed and not damaged anywhere. If it is, it’ll need to be replaced.

Load It Differently

Strange noise may indicate that you’re overloading the dishwasher. Try a different pattern for loading the dishes and see if the strange noises go away.

Call a Professional

Sometimes, dishwasher problems aren’t easy to fix. There might be a clog somewhere in the pipes, a connection issue, or something else only a professional can detect. If you need dishwasher repairs, call us at Hotshot Appliance, Heating & Cooling in Olathe, KS today to schedule an appointment. You can trust our experienced technicians to fix the problem in no time.